Who is the Blob on T娛樂城賺錢he Masked Singer UK?

THE Blob has proven to be quite popular on The Masked Singer and fans have been guessing who might be under the mask for weeks.

The true identity of the Blob was finally unveiled in tonight’s show.

財神捕魚The Masked Singer have been guessing for weeks who Blob could be

The Masked Singer have been guessing for we娛樂城ptteks who Blob could be

Who is the Blob on The Masked Singer UK?

Sir Lenny Henry was unveiled as the Blob in a double elimination of The Masked Singer.

Fans were compiling clues for weeks, and were convinced it was comedian Lenny Henry.

Lenny, 62, famously promotes Premier Inn in telly adverts – and the Blob is even co娛樂城註冊loured in the hotel giant’s purple and white colours.

The third performance provided a real clue for fans, with the Blob singing Hotel Room Service – a possible reference to Lenny’s Premier Inn adverts.

And to top it off, the Blob’s costume is in Premier Inn colours of light and dark purple.

Another ran Twitter fan ran with the clue that Blob was named after their doctor, tweeting that Lenny was admitted during an appearance on Louis Theroux’s podcast that’s exactly what happened to him.

Lenny is in fact officially called Lenworth娛樂城體驗金 and was named after a Dr Lenworth when he was born in Dudley, Worcestershire, in the late 50s.

One tweeted: “One of the clues last week was he was named after a doctor. Go look at his Wiki, first line, named after the doctor who delivered him.”

The Blob's costume is in Premier Inn colours of light and dark purple

The Blob’s costume is in Premier Inn colours of light and dark purpleCredit: ITV

When is The M娛樂城返水asked Singer on TV and how can I watch it?

The hit show airs on Saturday evenings on ITV.

The programme, adapted from a South Korean TV format, started its second series on Boxing Day, 2020.

It runs for 90 minutes and will feature a familiar colourful array of mysterious singers.